1940s-Style Home Decoration Ideas for Restoring Your Old Home

Dreaming of living in an old home with the 1940s as your interior design theme? You can transform your bare, newly purchased historic home into a haven with the unmistakable postwar vibe. A few tweaks and additions here and there ca easily make your house look vintage inside and out.

Here are some design qualities that scream the 1940s that you can use as inspirations for renovating your home:

1. Hollywood glamor

The 1940s Hollywood glamor is all about being prim and proper, and you can recreate that look on the different parts of your house. Dress up your living rooms and bedrooms with wallpapers that have large prints and tropical design.

2. Sentimentality and sweetness

The postwar period was the time when families were thankful to have their loved ones back at home. Because money was tight and spaces were tiny, home decorations were simple yet sweet and flowery.

3. Patriotism

The 1940s saw richer colors and jewel tones, and a lot of elements in red, white, and blue hues.

4. Innocence

Because people in the postwar time weren’t affluent, they kept everything clutter-free and tidy.

5. Streamline-deco-jazz

Bathrooms in high-contrast colors such as mint and pink are reminiscent of the era.

6. Sanitary

In the 1940s, people were concerned with diseases, and so they made sure that their homes were clean in every nook and cranny. A prominent kitchen design that’s so 1940s is lined with white appliances, utensils, and kitchen cabinets.

7. Traditional

Colonial maple, dark wood, and other traditional-style furniture can make your living room distinctly 1940s.

So there you have it—seven home interior décor ideas inspired by the postwar era: Hollywood glamor, sentimentality and sweetness, patriotism, innocence, streamline-deco-jazz, sanitary, and traditional.

Which of these ideas have you tried or will be using? Let us know by leaving a comment here.

Enjoy decorating your old home!