Month: March 2018

Kayaking In Koh Samui

Ang Thong National Marine Park is one of the most picturesque locations you will have ever visited. You will have redefined the word national park in this case. Ang Thong is a protected archipelago consisting of about 42 islands. Though they are supposed to be uninhabited, one of them is supposedly inhabited by a local fishermen tribe.

A wonderful experience of approaching or viewing these islands is by starting from Koh Samui. The first glimpse of the archipelago can be seen when you fly into the Koh Samui airport. While you can explore this area in a couple of unusual ways, if you are adventurous enough and have the experience of kayaking, you should consider using a sea canoe. You will be picked up by boat at KohSamui and once you reach the archipelago, you will begin your kayaking trip.

  • Your first trip will typically cover the coast of Koh Meh Koh. Kayak at your pace while you enjoy the rock over hangings and some of the most picturesque and untouched beaches. You will arrive at the green lagoon and the sites at these points will blow your mind.
  • The green lagoon also called the “Talay Nai” is a salt water lake inside the island and is home to a vast variety of marine life. Along the beach, there are stairways and wooden walkways to approach the top which originally was a cavern.
  • On this journey, after brief breaks, you also come across some amazing rock formations and hidden lagoons. In addition, Samui luxury vacation housing choices to help you, there are numerous locations where it is ideal for snorkeling and enjoying the underwater scenes.
  • Finally, you should keep your eyes peeled for sea turtles or schools of dolphins that freely roam this area. Kayaking adjacent to the great Whale Sharks will give you a thrill like no other.

After a long arduous day out in the waters, it is time to return and reflect on the beautiful day spent amongst nature and its marine life. You can return to your villas at KohSamui and relax to think about a day well spent!

Top question to ask your new landlord

When you are renting a house, it becomes a huge responsibility to choose the right real estate agent and then the right house and then the right landlord. If your agent is involved in just introducing you to a property and then vanishes from the picture, then it becomes important that you communicate on your own with your landlord. This is one situation that every tenant must plan for and be ready with a set of questions that they could ask their landlord with respect to the property they will be renting out. This earlier planning will help in building a mature relationship as you are both transparent with each other. When you discuss the potential problems with the real estate agent in the presence of landlord, then it helps to fix the issues a lot sooner.

The lists of questions that are pretty common are –

  • How carefully was the property designed when it comes to plumbing and pipes and drains and how effectively you can keep them problem free?
  • How to contact the concerned team of maintenance in case of any issues with respect to the property you are renting.
  • Important numbers to be contacted during a time of problem in plumbing, sewer, heat system and electrical problems.
  • How effectively does the maintenance team of the apartment or premises work
  • How to touch base in case the lease or rental agreement needs to be revisited.
  • Who is the best person to call up in case there are emergency fixes needed with respect to blocked drains and others?
  • If every detail of the property is described in the rental agreement and what contribution the tenant is expected to pay from their hands
  • If the tenant is allowed to sublet an apartment or not.