4 Important Things to Check before Purchasing an Old House

Period homes exude a certain kind of charm and personality that can’t be matched by modern homes. But there’s a major challenge when you own an old property: a lot of restoration and repairs need to be done before you can move into your new old home.

To help you make a good house purchasing decision, here is a list of things you have to inspect during your house visits to the property you’re considering:

Basement and foundation

These should be the first parts of the house that you have to check, as simple cracks and molds can indicate structural integrity issues. You need to make sure that the foundation of the house is strong enough to withstand natural elements.


Ask the seller about the condition of the roof, and whether it’s in its original state or has been replaced. Apart from that, check it yourself (include the attic). Are there any leaks? Be meticulous with your inspection because roof repair and replacement can be very costly.


Check and make sure that the exposed pipes in the old home’s basement are still working. In the bathroom, turn the shower knob and see how much water will come out. If there too little water coming from the shower, then it’s a sign of a leak, mineral buildup, or corrosion. This is especially true if the pipes in the house made of cast iron haven’t been replaced. Replacing the plumbing can be expensive and time-consuming, too.

Electrical wiring

Find out if the old house still has its original tube wiring—chances are it can cause a fire. If the wiring in the house hasn’t been updated for a long time, then you’ll have to take care of it once you buy the house. And yes, it’s also costly.

With these in mind, having an old home isn’t for everyone, as there’s a cost involved in restoring one. But if you’re up for it, then just be careful when checking the different parts of the house for damage.