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Kayaking In Koh Samui

Ang Thong National Marine Park is one of the most picturesque locations you will have ever visited. You will have redefined the word national park in this case. Ang Thong is a protected archipelago consisting of about 42 islands. Though they are supposed to be uninhabited, one of them is supposedly inhabited by a local fishermen tribe.

A wonderful experience of approaching or viewing these islands is by starting from Koh Samui. The first glimpse of the archipelago can be seen when you fly into the Koh Samui airport. While you can explore this area in a couple of unusual ways, if you are adventurous enough and have the experience of kayaking, you should consider using a sea canoe. You will be picked up by boat at KohSamui and once you reach the archipelago, you will begin your kayaking trip.

  • Your first trip will typically cover the coast of Koh Meh Koh. Kayak at your pace while you enjoy the rock over hangings and some of the most picturesque and untouched beaches. You will arrive at the green lagoon and the sites at these points will blow your mind.
  • The green lagoon also called the “Talay Nai” is a salt water lake inside the island and is home to a vast variety of marine life. Along the beach, there are stairways and wooden walkways to approach the top which originally was a cavern.
  • On this journey, after brief breaks, you also come across some amazing rock formations and hidden lagoons. In addition, Samui luxury vacation housing choices to help you, there are numerous locations where it is ideal for snorkeling and enjoying the underwater scenes.
  • Finally, you should keep your eyes peeled for sea turtles or schools of dolphins that freely roam this area. Kayaking adjacent to the great Whale Sharks will give you a thrill like no other.

After a long arduous day out in the waters, it is time to return and reflect on the beautiful day spent amongst nature and its marine life. You can return to your villas at KohSamui and relax to think about a day well spent!

Top Tips From Real Estate Agents For Buying A Beach Home

Buying a home can be a complicated process and the process can get more complex if it involves buying a home by the beach.

Apart from all the paperwork, there are various factors that are essential to know before you buy your dream beach home. Here are some top tips from real estate agents who are experts in the domain of beach house properties.

  1. Find a specialist:

Finding a real estate agent who has the right knowledge and experience about the dealings of beach home properties is important. They will be able to understand your requirements and find a home that is most suited to your needs. They can also help you consider factors you might not be aware of and get the best deals.

  1. Consider the weather:

The weather is one of the most important factors that affect all beach homes. Hence it is vital to determine the condition of the home and if it is capable of withstanding the wear of tear. You might also need to invest in some special equipment to protect your home against the weather.

  1. Utilities and the neighborhood:

Talking with the neighbors and people who stay around the area would be the best way to gather information about the living conditions. They will be able to tell you about any weather related problems they have been facing or any issues concerning the property. It is not possible to know about these factors without communication.

Another consideration would be the availability of utilities such as electricity, drinking water, cable and Internet services, etc. It would be wrong to assume that these would be available and it is always better to check before buying.

Some properties may look beautiful but they might not be suited for your lifestyle. For example, there may be plenty of Samui luxury vacation housing choices to help you but they must fit into your lifestyle and needs.

Hence find a property that you love and enjoy it responsibly. We hope these tips help you in your endeavor.