Old Houses for Sale

Looking for an antique property to buy? We make your search easier for you by recommending five charming old houses.

147 Church St, Lilly, GA

Built in 1900, this one-storey three-bedroom, two-bathroom property that stands on a 1.99-acre lot has big porches at the front and back, hardwood floors, and dining and living room with fireplaces.

  • Price: $34,900
  • House sold as is
  • Type: single family detached
  • 2,012 sq.-ft. floor
  • Style: craftsman

409 Main St, Warren, AR

This huge historic fixer-upper stands on a 4,763 sq.-.ft lot and offers a lot of potential for restoration. It features a ballroom for entertainment purposes.

  • Price: $29,900
  • Five bedrooms
  • Three baths
  • Stands on a 5 to 1-acre lot

301 S Main St, Dana, IL

This lovely Victorian-style home is sure to captivate old house lovers with its original woodwork intact (including the elegant wooden staircases) and flooring made of hardwood. The asphalt roof and windows are new, though. It’s a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home that’s ideal for a family of four.

  • Price: $35,000
  • Furnace, front porch, and appliances such as oven range and dryer
  • 1,800 sq.-ft. floor

302 Berrien St, Albion, MI

An elegant historic home built in the late 19th century, this four-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom property has a lot of potential for restoration. Its huge master’s bedroom comes with a spacious dressing area and a fireplace. Natural woodwork is prominent from the foyer and dining room to the library. It also features a walk-up attic that can be used as an extra living or storage area.

  • Price: $49,999
  • House sold as is
  • Type: single family
  • Stands on a 0.07-acre lot

21830 S.Birch Lodge Dr, Trout Lake, MI

A great private retreat for a home preservation enthusiast, the Burch Lodge features a porch across the lake, a vintage 1950s rustic Tiki bar, and a massive lobby, among many others. This 4,267 sq.-ft. property was built in 1911-1912, and it consists of three historic homes, a large storage building, and a carriage house.

  • Price: $695,000
  • Five bedrooms
  • Seven bathrooms
  • Converted into a five-unit bed and breakfast