Restoring Your Historic Home? Keep These 5 Tips in Mind

Historic home restoration is a serious business. It’s not something you do in your free time—you have to make time for it. You even have to shell out money for repairs, replacements, and other expenses that come with preserving an old house. Here are the things to look for and expect when you restore a historic house.

Dealing with the inconveniences of living in an old house

Obviously, you won’t be able to enjoy the comfort and convenience that come with living in a modern house, something that you cannot expect from an antique home. There will always be an issue, like squeaky floors, erratic heating or cooling, and weird smell in the bedroom. If you can’t imagine yourself living in those conditions, then owning a period home may not be suitable for you.

Doing a house inspection with a contractor

A home inspector is essential in coming up with a good estimate of the cost and the work that has to be done. Preferably, your inspector should have experience working with vintage homes. Lastly, look for someone who understands that restoring an old property isn’t about taking things apart and starting over.

Looking for signs of water damage

During house visits, watch out for any leaks and other water issues because they can be symptoms of major structural problems of the house. They can be health hazards also, as a wet environment attracts pests like bugs and mosquitos.

Prioritizing practicality over aesthetics

Begin working on the essential parts of the house, such as the windows, roof, and walls. Renovating the unsightly paint, staircase, and kitchen cabinets can wait, unless they pose risks to health and safety (in that case, they have to be addressed right away).

Embracing the quirks

Little details like uneven floors don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. Before your obsessive-compulsive self complains, know that it will take a lot of money and time to level that pesky floor out. So what’s the workaround? Nothing—just embrace that quirk and focus your energy on other renovation tasks that need your immediate attention.